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最終更新日 : 2022/05/26

Distribution and Use of Owned Works

As a general rule, you may freely use the information.

However, the following procedures are required for "commercial use" of distribution use.
(1) Delegation to ABCRECORDS
(2) Certification of possession
(3) Application for use ("authorization")

(1) Connect the Wallet to the ABCRECORDS website ("Connect")
2)Application for use from My Page ("Authorize")
The NFT work must be authenticated as owned by the applicant.
You are required to agree to the terms and conditions of distribution at the time of application for use.
(3) Distribution use

Please note that there may be cases in which you may not be able to exercise or monetize the rights to the content of an NFT work owned by a previous owner of the work. For details, please refer to the Terms of Use and the "Distribution Agreement.
Also, please refer to the following for the indication of rights holders at the time of distribution and use.

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Examples of INSTAGRAM Usage

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Examples of youtube usage

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